Online Wellness Retreat

Welcome to the Online Wellness Movement

As the world continues to raise challenges for us all, we now more than ever, need to raise our vibration and individually support ourselves and those around us with love. Over the last few years, negativity has rippled out to many of us, lowering our self-worth and the love we share with ourselves and others. Collectively being in a constant state of flight mode, just trying to survive, not really living our best life. Now is the time for a change. Bring love and care and joy and peace back into our mindsets and our hearts. 

Let us help you find the tools that will look for you, and have some serious fun along the way, even learning to read the messages in our coffee cups.

Do it NOW. Do it for those you LOVE. Do it for YOU. 

Your 7 Day Journey

Explore how we’ll take you and your ‘soul’ on a spiritual and personal development journey unlocking keys to unconditionally loving self.


Check out the line up of amazing speakers from around the world. You’ll hear from a wonderful group of people all ready to share the love.

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Let’s get contagious and spread

‘I LOVE YOU’ to each and every

soul, all around the globe.

Together lets spread the love far and wide.