Meet the speakers

Heidi Lee

Heidi is the founder of the Love Week Program and Within Waratah Wellness . Heidi is a qualified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and healer. Heidi has completed a variety of renowned wellness programs, training and courses, unveiling deep connections with country, with others and with self.
Heidi works with individuals and couples both locally and internationally. She empowers her clients to recognise and remove limiting beliefs, as well as release emotional baggage, allowing them to be the best versions of themselves. 
Heidi is both intuitive and practical in her approach, assisting clients to create healthy new mindsets and ways of living life. 
Heidi has been able to heal her body from physical and emotional pain through hypnotherapy and a collection of techniques, which she has since become qualified to practice.
Drawing on her own experiences of loss, grief and parenthood, Heidi is able to deeply connect with her client’s journeys.

It brings Heidi joy to share her knowledge with others; allowing people to rise, awaken and to be who they desire to be.

Carol Johnston Mollica

Carol uses her intrinsic skills to facilitate better relationships and bring out the best in people. Her gentle approach enables her to draw out all the good stuff of inter-human relationships.

Carol is passionate about strengthening the gap between individuals because she has seen and experienced how powerful a healthy communication system can be.

A nurturer at heart she is passionate about passing these skills onto others.

Since becoming a coach back in 2012 she has been able to transform the lives of many. The biggest shift occurred when she decided to study NLP, TimeLine Therapy and hypnosis. It was by using these modalities that she was able to have a bigger impact with change in her
clients. So much so that she has gone on to become a trainer in these modalities.

This is where the real impact happens, through the certification courses. Students can learn these modalities for self help or choose to become practitioners help others.

“This knowledge needs to be shared with the world, NLP is the model of communication and everyone needs to have an opportunity to learn how to communicate effectively with
themselves and others.”

Helen Uskovic

Helen Uskovic is a mindset coach for adolescents and adult women, She is also an author, a Master NLP coach, a Hypnotherapist, and a keynote speaker.

When she isn’t holding a retreat or in the middle of coaching people out of their suffering, she hosts the self-care podcast “Your Coach, Helen Uskovic”.

Helen is also a qualified Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, and Meditation enthusiast.

Some of her favourite self-care hacks are traveling, picnics, going on hikes, and watching sunrises and sunsets with her loved ones.

Tia Pianui

Tia is a proud descendant of Te Āti Haunui-a-Pāpārangi hailing from the Maori tribe in Whanganui, New Zealand. Her strong cultural links form the foundation of her pronounced intuitive and insight gifts, the basis of her coaching business. Tia is progressive in self-development and growth, as Head Coach and Mentor for Mindset Mastery NLP and mentoring clients from suffering to wholeness as a Grief Empowerment Coach.

Her mission is to liberate humanity to embrace death as the next phase in our life’s journey. Offering an emotional & spiritual breakthrough working across modalities from NLP, TimeLine Therapy ®, Modern Hypnosis, Breathwork and Energetics to partner clients into conscious expansion.

Client’s experiencing this kind of breakthrough have completely changed their perspective on grief & death, achieving a place of celebration and reverence for life.

Tia is a certified Master NLP Practitioner, Coach, TimeLine Therapy ®, Hypnotherapist, Breathwork & Reiki Practitioner who assists and supports NLP Trainings and retreats.

She lives in Sydney, Australia and is passionate about life and loves connecting to with people at a deep soul level.

Sammy Josephine

Sammy’s passion is in empowering women & mama’s to tap into their unique &
abundant wellspring of wisdom, creativity, resilience & resourcefulness so that they can confidently create the self-love, belief & empowerment, the life, the dreams & the identity that aligns with their hearts truest desires.

Sammy is a qualified Breathwork facilitator for both individuals & groups, qualified Spiral Practitioner, Sound Healer, Singer-Songwriter & Holistic Coach where she infuses effective coaching methods with powerful embodiment practices and emotional clearing techniques that help you to integrate change on all the levels of your being – Mind, Body, Spirit, Energy & Emotion.

Drawing upon her own personal experience with suicidal depression, anxiety & substance dependence, Sammy brings a depth of personal understanding around trauma and mental health issues that enables her to compassionately facilitate emotional awareness and integrated healing with genuine care, sensitivity & empathic attunement.

Linda Wells

Linda is a certified workplace trainer, has awards in customer service, is certified in mental health and nutrition and the retail food sector enhancing health. Linda is on multiple Boards, delivers many speaking sessions, works on projects across Australia, NZ, Switzerland, Sweden, UK and USA to encourage people to get healthy again, via food/drinks consumed.

Linda is the Founder of e-RAW (eat right at work) and is a partner with LG Pro Vic, LG Pro Tas, and a Project Partner with UNESCO Creative Cities.

She has a career spanning multiple sectors: aviation, water industry, milk industry, 4–5-star rating accommodation industry and customer service. But for more than a decade her focus has been on spreading the message of Healthy Eating in the Workplace.

Since Covid-19 happened, her business has been digital – online courses, virtual workshops and webinars, and coaching calls.

Linda’s passion is encouraging people to learn what is in food/drinks and how to make better choices.

Linda delivers the message in a humorous way, delves in deep into the ingredients in ultra-processed foods, but laughs and lets go of the past, focussing on the future.

She empowers clients to change their habits and behaviour to live longer in a happier, healthy lifestyle,
with freedom and love.

Stacey Figueira

Stacey is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in Quit Smoking and Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and was trained using techniques that are the most advanced and comprehensive in Australia.

Stacey has helped release depression, anxiety, and many other phobias for her clients. Her passion is to facilitate change in her clients and allow them to see their true worth in themselves and

have unlimited self-belief and to be empowered to achieve all of their dreams and more importantly feel aligned and understand their emotions.

Lisa Yeo

Lisa Yeo is always interested in learning more about herself and the world we live in.

Lisa loves to achieve her goals by using her intuition.

This is something that Lisa learned 15 years ago while studying William Whitecloud’s Magician’s

way for 3 years.

Intuition is the innate tool we have to live life on a clearer path to have our heart’s desires. It is a wonderful tool to understand and consciously use in our everyday life to live from our passions and achieve our goals.

Lisa has an easy , clear , expressive and focused technique to find answers from your morning cuppa.

Cup readings are a fun way to get to use and build your intuition. Messages short and sweet or a longer explanation of what you would like to know is all there in every cup you drink.

While out and about in Nambucca Heads where she lives you may even see Lisa sharing a cuppa and a reading with her many beautiful friends.

Much love and Magic


Alida Marie

My name is Alida Marie.  Native to San Francisco, CA Living in the Jungle of Costa Rica, Central America. 

I’m a Global Health Educator researching the biomimicry between Mother Trees (nature) and Mother Boards (technology). 

I will be opening the Doors between Ancient Rituals and Applied Science through a One Year Study called “The Living Prayer Portal” starting Fall Equinox 2022. 

I invite you to be apart of this Playful Powerful Portal of Universal Intelligence! 

Virginia Giles

Virginia has been a practicing Clairvoyant for over 20 years, using the modality of psychometry to give reassurance, guidance and insight into both the past, present and future.

She believes meditation is an integral tool for navigating the ups and downs of life, steadying the mind, learning to understand the body and finding comfort in your own self.

Virginia has been teaching the ancient form of meditation known as Yoga Nidra for many years now and has a profound passion and daily commitment to this meditation herself.

For your questions and inquiries, contact Virginia at

Yamile McBride

After almost four decades of overworking, overthinking and over drinking she was taken down by a student who ultimately saved her life.

Yamile McBride is a mom with 5 children, 3 baby daddies, 2 chihuahuas, and a goat. She has a Masters Degree in Education and Certified in Neurolinguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy®.

After experiencing childhood trauma and abuse she became everything she desired by retraining her subconscious mind starting 8 months after the assault by first walking on fire, defying the odds and
reclaiming her flame and now helps thousands to tap into their own genius within.

She is now a Results Trainer, Speaker & Published Author Igniting Souls to create what they want from their genius within. She gets to work with her husband in their business who is the Master Coach, together they are the Yin Yang Powercouple.

Trish Kane

Trish Kane, MBA, is the CEO and Founder of Healerverse. She has a diverse background in Investment Banking, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, turnaround management and holistic services.

During her college career, she interned on Wall Street at the Bank of New York on Wall Street the FX and Wealth Management trading floor and on the New York Mercantile Exchange in the World Financial Center in crude oil. Following her undergraduate completion in 2007, Trish accepted an offer at SSY, financing ships and oil tankers for several years. Trish was licensed in Insurance Sales and an independent insurance agent and worked at Aflac, New York. Trish has held various sales roles, where she has grown companies and territories at exponential rates, including: pharmaceutical sales at MediBio Tech and Digital Sales at Taylor and Francis. She managed the operations a 150-client drug and alcohol treatment center while she was working on her master’s degree.

Her goal in life is to help as many people as possible to level up physically, mentally and spiritually. In 2014, Trish was found nonresponsive, and her body temperature was 86 degrees F. She went to the “other side.” She was revived twice and in a 10-day
coma. Upon awakening, Trish’s MRI revealed that she had bilateral watershed strokes. 2 strokes! She had to learn to perform all her ADL’s again, including walking, feeding herself again, communicating… etc.

This began an incredible sobering spiritual journey for Trish. It was a new beginning! She currently does motivational speaking and continues to grow spiritually and holistically. Trish currently owns several
online businesses, including an Amazon online store and Boss Babe Supplements that she built from the ground up. She trades crypto and is part of the NFT community.

Trish is an athlete of all kinds and loves a challenge. She signs up for competitions, trains and conquers. In 2019, Trish was invited to compete on behalf of the U.S. at the Spartan games in Greece. Trish is a Reiki practitioner, Theta Healer and aspiring astrologer. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Iona College and a Masters of Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University.

Lou Latham

What is really holding you back?

Louise Reiki Master, Limitless Life Coach, Lyricist and Creative Director/Choreographer, and Teacher of Urbanflow Streetdance is here to bring you effective tools , have a lot of fun, and shift your 3D old outmoded patterned way of thinking

“Positive teaching where the only attitude accepted is in your dance “

Dance is movement, expression, a feeling as well as fitness therapy

I am certified/experienced/enhanced DBS/insured/dedicated/passionate and energetic
An empathetic, grounded, and disciplined woman (as a mum of a 25-year-old daughter I have a wealth of experience on many levels!!! )

What I love is the shyest people having a smile creep over their faces as they realise they can do it and it doesn’t just stop there.

I teach positively. Applying this attitude of self-validation and empowering to all walks of their life

Most of let’s have fun and stop taking ourselves so seriously.

Phil Nicholas

Phil is a busy chap. First and foremost a father to two daughters, plus number one homemaker and maintenance guy, his freelance career in community arts and events sees him working with local government and not-for-profit organisations to design and produce fundraising programs, marketing campaigns and full blown festivals.

If you ever find yourself caught up in time-consuming details that lead to hours of sitting in front of a computer, Phil can relate!

So how do you disengage and make space for activities that support wellbeing? It’s as much about routine and prioritisation as it is forgiving and loving yourself when that routine flies out the window.

In today’s fast-moving world, it’s easy to become disconnected from your environment, to have your head down at work, focussing only on the daily grind.

It’s also easy to become disconnected from ourselves, with one eye constantly on the media cycle, we can find ourselves adrift in an argumentative and increasingly polarised world.

For hard-working people everywhere, Weather Tree is a weather tracking chart you can use to guarantee yourself 5 minutes of mindfulness by colouring in a new leaf every day. I refer to this as tracking ‘Your Weather’.

Reconnect with your environment.

Reconnect with yourself.

Effie Psaltis

Do you feel like you are operating at 10% of your potential, do you struggle to love yourself??

I have spent the majority of my life believing that I am unworthy and not good enough, constantly second guessing myself and seeking external validation. I have spent so many years in pain, riddled with anxiety and depression and it was in July 2020 when I lost my beautiful mother very
suddenly that I had the realization that life is short and we are not guaranteed tomorrow, something had to give. I dug deep and did the work on myself and realized that I couldn’t go on hurting myself
like this.

I don’t want other women to continue to suffer for years on end like I did. I truly believe that every single human on this planet has a beautiful gift and so much potential. My mission is to help as many women as I can to find that beautiful light they have within and help them shine and thrive, live their best life and love themselves for who they truly are.

Lissy Venner

 I support, empower and give you permission to BE your truth and live out that which you truly desire on the deepest levels within. It is your BIRTHRIGHT.

To allow limitations, past conditioning, people pleasing and the ‘hard’ story to no longer have the grip even in the smallest of ways so you in turn change your world and change the world as a result, through expansion, love, worth and truth. it starts with you, will you choose you? – Lissy

Christina Artuphel

We all know that To Love Yourself and To Be Grateful are two very important factors to living a happy and healthy life. But it is not always that easy.

How do we do it?

How do we change little things RIGHT NOW? and

How do we build new neurological pathways that serve us better?

I want to give you a taste of EFT, and give you a tool that you can start using right away, on yourself and your loved ones.


Raelene Dal Santo

Raelene is the author of Live with Love, which provides lifestyle self care information and inspiration, to transform your wellbeing, connect with what matters and thrive in your world. It is about ‘younique you.’

Self care and self love is an inside job. Raelene’s mission is to help women move from being exhausted, overwhelmed and confused to being their own wellbeing advocate, live their lifelong goals and dreams, giving them permission to vision how they want their menopause (&peri&psot) journey and life to be.

Cassandra Perry

Cass is a sound vibrational healer, clairvoyant, teacher, meditation & workshop facilitator and Mother. She is dedicated to helping others experience a soul connection so they can rise up & become the beautiful true version of themselves they came to earth to be.

She believes our soul is always talking to us offering us guidance & that if you develop a practice of letting this wise & powerful part of you lead your life, then you will find yourself in flow and be open to the beautiful synchronicities it provides for you.

Cass realises that on this earth we are presented with lessons to learn and grow from and at times we all need a little support to be reconnected & realigned with our heart & soul in order to move forward, and she sees it’s her purpose to assist as many people as she can to achieve this.

Cass has a gift of weaving a construct of light around an individual that leaves them feeling so enveloped in love and nurturing guidance that they can’t help but shine brighter as they leave.🌿

Steven Bowden

Steven is a diploma-qualified Remedial therapist with over ten years of experience as a massage and health professional. Over the years, Steven has worked and studied in a variety of areas in this industry, gaining training and advanced knowledge in many modalities involved in remedial therapies. 

Steven also incorporates, Working with energy, Hypnotherapy, Mindset and Breakthrough coaching to his scope of practice. 

With a passion for what he does, he is driven to get results for his clients, helping them to reclaim their bodies from injury, pain, dysfunction, and destructive patterns. His approach to treatment is a many-faceted view of the connection between body and mind, working with the client on both a physical, energetic and mental level to bring about the change necessary, and enable them to reach the goals or outcome they aspire to. 


Crystal Rose

Crystal is a yoga lover since her discovery, at the age of 16. Her business is called Crystal Rose Yoga.
She’s been teaching yoga for almost 4 years now, in her hometown here in Gumbaynggirr country, in Nambuccca heads, NSW, Australia.

She has a beautiful yoga hall at the headland, where you can hear the ocean while you practice. She’s a lover of all things yoga, particularly restorative and Iyengar yoga at present. she has just started classes with sound healing, as well as teaching weekly public and private classes for her community. She also runs workshops, and retreats, and plans a yoga festival in 2023. She’s fully qualified with well over 320 yoga teacher training hrs and does ongoing personal development classes with senior yoga mentors regularly.

She loves seeing yoga improve the quality of people’s lives, enhancing physical and mental well-being. She looks forward to sharing yoga with anyone and everyone who is keen to find out about the magic of yoga.


Let’s get contagious and spread

‘I LOVE YOU’ to each and every

soul, all around the globe.